We're always looking for new players and welcome anyone interested in getting started in the sport.  It's a great family

activity, as all our clubs offer league and tournament play for people of any age, any gender and any ability level. 

All of our competitions arrange players in groups based on ability level from beginner on up to pro, so you're never

playing against anyone above or below your skill level, making the competitions very fair, fun and exciting! 

We have men's, women's, elder and junior divisions and many of our competitions offer mixed division play.


This is the online home of organized horseshoe pitching in Western Pennsylvania.  As our emblem above states, we are the Western Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Association. 



This is a brand new website and will be under construction for quite some time.  As you browse through, you will see

that we've got a lot of content to fill in, as right now it is mostly blank pages.  We are filling the pages according to

priority, starting with tournament schedules, tournament director contact information, club locations, contact us forms 

and so on.  Please, bare with us during this transition from one site to another.  If you need any information that isn't

posted here, just contact us directly via email at admin@wphpa.com. 

We will be glad to assist in any way we can.

We were organized back in 1927and we've been serving the sport of horseshoe pitching ever since.  We are a charter member of the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association (NHPA), which allows us to hold NHPA sanctioned tournaments and leagues.  All of our clubs have official NHPA sanctioned courts and have members who are both sanctioned and non-sanctioned league and tournament players. 


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