Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Hall of Fame
Committee Members (current as of 8/31/2017)

NAME                          HOMETOWN             YEAR INDUCTED

​John Fulton                 Carlisle                            1976

Mike Riedl                    Pittsburgh                       1976

Dan Kuchcinski            Erie                                 1977

Mae Kilinsky                Pittsburgh                       1977

Jim Ohler                     Mt Pleasant                     1977

John Clingan                Pittsburgh                       1977

Ivan Lute                      Barnsboro                       1977

Dale Carson                 New Kensington              1977

Steve Menachak           Uniontown                      1977

Ray Fournier                                                        1977

Mervin George             Jackson Center               1977

George Curry               Fayette City                     1977

Glen Sebring                Erie                                 1977

Stewart Straw              Berwindale                      1977

Herb Pinch                   Sharon                            1977

Al Zadroga Sr               Elizabeth                        1978

Herman Boyer              Beaver                            1978

Oscar Engle                 Pittsburgh                       1979

Joe Abbott                   Erie                                  1979

Jim Solomon                Uniontown                      1980

Clyde Martz                  Pittsburgh                       1981

Jack Swyers                 Belleville                         1981

Jack Rainbow               Monaca                            1981

No Inductees                                                         1982

Curt Over                      Altoona                            1983

Joe Mancini                  New Castle                       1984

Frank Kilinsky              Pittsburgh                         1985

Taylor Carnahan           Shelocta                            1985

Joe Kuchcinski            Erie                                    1986

Paul Beer                     Erie                                    1986

Chick Denk                  Johnstown                          1987

Dan Beshore                New Cumberland                1987

Frank Carnahan           Shippenville                        1988

Clair Bruce                  New Castle                          1988

Francis White              Erie                                      1989

Rich Maroni                 Arnold                                 1989

Glenn Burris               Bellfonte                              1990

Ed Blum                      Darlington                            1990

Alvin Long                  Dallas                                   1991

Casey Danner             Newell                                  1992

H. Earl Brown             Fenton                                  1992

Ron Weiss                  Pittsburgh                            1993

Grace Rugg                Mill Run                                1994

Wes Kuchcinki           Erie                                       1995

Kurt Von Kleist Jr      Russell                                  1996

Steve Kuchcinki         Erie                                       1997

Joe Pagnanelli           Pittsburgh                             1998

John Mathys              Bradford                                1999

Frank Bohun              Erie                                        2000

Tom Decker               Camp Hill                               2001

Judge John Brosky   Carnegie                                 2001

Harold Clippinger     Mt Holly Springs                      2002

Eleanor Weston        Shelocta                                  2003

Sam Sutton               Washington                             2003

Ed Pacacha               Munhall                                   2004

Jack Potter                Erie                                         2005

Joe Wohar                 Donara                                    2005

Jim Zdrale                 Pittsburgh                               2006

Cindy Hoffman          Pittsburgh                               2007

Glenn Brown             Felton                                      2007

Harvey Hayes            Erie                                          2008

Dick Scott                 Camp Hill                                 2009

Darle Esh                  Mill Hall                                   2010

Dick Dart                   Milroy                                      2011

Frank McAllen           Roxbury                                  2012

No Inductees                                                            2013

No Inductees                                                            2014

Dale Estep                 Dallas                                     2015

Bobby White              Erie                                        2015

Denny Hall                 Huntingdon                            2016

Vesta Milne                Aliquippa                               2017

Joan Douglas            Auburn                                   2017

Lee Estep                  Dallas                                     2018

David Holliday           Limerick                                 2018

The preceding list is updated as of 8/31/2017.  If you wish to resign your position, please contact the chairperson of this committee, as indicated by the dates next to each person's name. It is then the chairperson's job to contact the charter president of the appropriate association (East or West) to inform them of this vacancy, and it is the charter President's job to appoint a new committee member, and give that person's information to the current Hall of Fame Committee Chairperson. It is also the Committee Chairperson's responsibility to maintain this list, and make sure that all contact information for each Committee Member is correct and up-to-date.

Committee Member Name Year(s) as Chairman

Steven Kuchcinski 2018-2019
2875 Davison Road
Erie, PA  16421

David Fisher 2020-2021
909 North Penn Street
Allentown, PA  08102

Bill Enslen 2022-2023
PO Box 381
Prospect, PA  16052

Steve Swisher 2024-2025
2923White Birch Lane
Bloomsburg, PA  17815

Bob Jones 2026-2027
4136 State Route 158
New Wilmington, PA  16142

Tom Decker 2028-2029
334 Charlotte Street
Millersville, PA  17751

Tom Hewitt 2030-2031
1218 Walnut Avenue
DuBois, PA  15801

Walter Burtner 2032-2033
250 Wynona Drive
Auburn, PA  17922


Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Hall of Fame

Eligibility Requirements and Committee Guidelines


The purpose of the Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitcher’s Hall of Fame Committee is to recognize deserving individuals who have made significant contributions to the game of horseshoes.


To be eligible for induction into the Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Hall Of Fame, a person must be, or have been, a member of either charter of Pennsylvania (East or West) for a minimum of 8 years.  Membership time in each charter is combined to meet overall time requirement.

Individuals may be nominated in one of three categories: 

·         player     

·         promoter

                                              combination of player/promoter 



·         Candidates may be nominated by anyone. You do not have to be a pitcher or an NHPA member in order to submit a nomination for someone.

·         Any candidate for consideration into the Hall of Fame must have a résumé or history.  Examples of items to include in the résumé or history:

·   activities in the sport of horseshoes (promotional and participatory),

·   tournaments won, tournament records, state tournaments

·   county, state, and national records or titles

·   positions and offices held,

·   contributions to the good of the game

·   any other information that may be helpful.

·         The category for which the candidate is being nominated must be stated.

·         Candidate submissions are to be sent to the committee chairperson.

·         Deadline for submissions:  June 1st.

·         Deadline for votes to be returned to Chairperson:  July 1st.

·         Any candidate in consideration for election into the Hall of Fame must receive 75% of the total first place votes to be inducted into the Pennsylvania State Hall of Fame.

·         Chairperson should notify each committee member by August 1st and also the person in charge of obtaining plaques and certificates.

·         Each committee member will be responsible for submitting a vote for every name listed on the ballot and having his or her ballot returned to the committee chairman by the designated deadline.   Committee Members may abstain from voting if they feel that no candidates are worthy of induction.


  The following guidelines will govern the structure of the Hall of Fame Committee

·         The Hall of Fame committee shall consist of 8 members, all in good standing, and will consist of 4 members from each charter (Eastern and Western).

·         Each charter will be responsible for selecting committee members.  

·         The committee shall be structured such that the members from the two charters will alternate in succession (East, West, East, etc.). 

·         The committee will be governed by a committee chairperson.

·         The committee chairperson will serve a two year term.

·         The committee chairperson will be the person who has progressed to the top of the list.

·         Members will move up the list, every two years, ultimately serving as chairperson.

·         After serving as chairperson, that member may choose to be placed back on the committee or be replaced.  If, after serving as chairperson, a member wishes to remain on the committee, he or she will be placed at the bottom of the committee list.

·         If, or when, a committee position needs to be filled, either scheduled or unscheduled, the President of the charter from which the committee vacancy resides will have the responsibility of placing a new member on the committee. 

·         If an unscheduled position needs to be filled, the member filling that position will take the place of the most junior member on the list from that charter, and the remaining members from that charter will move up accordingly. 

·         The committee list will be maintained by the Chairperson and handed over to the next chairperson after his or her term is complete.

·         The committee chairperson shall have the following responsibilities:

o        communicating the list of candidates to committee members, along with resumes and supporting documentation

o        coordinating any discussions

o        distributing the ballots

o        collecting the votes and communicating the results

o        maintaining the Hall of Fame committee list during his or her tenure