We should have added this feature a long time ago, but good forums are hard to find! Well, I'm totally sure that Horseshoe America will make a very nice, permanent home for the WPHPA Forum. I hope that this becomes the place where everyone goes to find out what's happening right now in the WPHPA because that's the idea of this forum. Everything going on will be posted here... anything new with upcoming seasons and tournaments, particularly PA state tournaments, will be posted right here for notification and discussion.

Beyond just recent news, it's fine to use this forum to discuss anything related to horseshoe pitching in Pennsylvania and areas o the fringe... It is a horseshoe pitching forum, so we'd appreciate keeping things within this realm, but otherwise, there won't be much regulation here. Our membership is small and most of us know each other, so let's try to keep that WPHPA family feel going here too.  Click on the big green button below to go directly to our forum... have fun interacting with our members there!